Red Room (North London)

Our flagship Red Room boasts all you need for a world-class recording. Built in 2016, it has been overloaded with industry-leading equipment. Featuring a velvet quilted vocal booth, with a separate screen to help you monitor recordings. Our vintage outboard gear makes this our best studio for vocals, giving them the warmth and presence to sit beautifully on your song.

White Room (North London)

Our White Room is our most frequently used writing and production room. The all white aesthetics are both calming and inspiring. Fully equipped to handle all you recording needs, our White Room is perfectly set up to turn your best ideas into reality.

Silver Room (West London)

The Silver Room is our newest and largest studio. Built in 2018, it features sloping ceilings and a live room large enough to accommodate a band. Following with our velvet themed booths, the space is professionally treated with Vicoustic panels throughout.
The building has a small lounge area downstairs from the studio, with free on road parking.

Grey Room (North London)

Our grey room is our most affordable yet! From just £10 per hour, its perfect for writing, production and recording. This calm and relaxing space hosts a Neumann microphone into a universal audio interface. All set up and ready for you to explore your next idea! Book now.

Podcast Room (North London)

Our podcast room has some of the best equipment of its class. With a host of SM7b microphones, we make sure your voice is heard loud and clear. We have a large 55inch monitor to allow you to place your own logo in your podcast and cement your brand. Also, all our podcast sessions include free audio mixing, and if that isn’t enough, we’ve also thrown in free filming with our 6k Camera! What are you waiting for.. get the conversation going and book now here.