Does sitting in a yellow room make you feel happy? Do you feel relaxed and calm when surrounded by a grey interior design?


The effects of colours can have a much deeper impact than people realize. A single colour can influence 90% of a first impression. In fact, it can be a detrimental factor in people’s emotions, stress levels, mood, and behaviour.


We at Nostars Studios are using the wheel of primary colours to its full potential. If you need a specialized facility for audio production, mixing, and sound recording, our different coloured rooms will give you the perfect environment to revamp your musical performance.


Not only do we have the ideal quality equipment, but we also let the colour bring out the best in you! Let’s break down the vibe of each room by the colour of its interior design. But, first, let’s cover the basics of colour psychology so that you will figure out exactly what you’ve been missing.


Colour Psychology – What Is It Exactly?



The way you feel about colour is deeply rooted and personal. It is a part of your culture and experience. For example, in many Westernized countries, the colour white represents innocence and purity. Whereas in the Eastern part of the globe, it is viewed as a symbol of mourning.


Colour psychology emphasis psychological and emotional connotations between your emotions and the colour you see. These meanings are often viewed as universal since they can have some impact on our brain. Warm hues provide feelings of comfort. While impactful undertones can convey more powerful colour emotions.


Whatever colour you prefer is often embedded in your childhood memories and associated with your feelings. For many, a certain hue can be uplifting or inspiring. Every coloured room at Nostars Studios is here to make a statement. And the colours we chose can affect the way you feel, act, and do your work. Take a look at what each coloured room has to offer.


White Room


  • Purity
  • Simplicity
  • Freshness

The all-white aesthetics of our recording studio create a sense of space. It provides you with a blank space, where you get the opportunity to bypass all your limitations and restrictions, to create the work you’ve always wanted. Think of it as a fresh start or a new beginning. That’s exactly what you are getting with a white ambience.


Due to its simple, yet calming design, the white colour is easy on the eyes. Those who prefer this type of aesthetics can have an easier time maintaining their focus when working. The white walls make the recording studio feel more spacious. But, it is also seen as a cold colour. The spaciousness adds highlight, while the highlight can make you feel at ease. If white is your colour, then our white music studio makes for a solid pick.


Red Room


  • Excitement
  • Warmth
  • Energy
  • Dominance
  • Passion
  • Power 

Red is all about attracting powerful colour emotions. Its vibrant and potent hue stimulates your senses, giving you the confidence to trample your limits. For countless people who love the colour red, being in a red room can uplift their spirit.


Because of its dominating presence, the red music studio can give people a sense of power and passion. But, most importantly, it can also feel warm and energetic. Those who pick red over any other colour will enjoy our ensemble. They can get the perfect space to control their artistry and make some astounding music.


Grey Room


  • Neutral
  • Calm
  • Composure

Although this recording studio looks mellower compared to some of our other options, the grey room has its own charm. Since its colour comes from a shade of black and white, its impact on our emotions also intertwines. Think of it this way. Looking at a grey-coloured room, how does it make you feel?


For many, this colour gives them a sense of detachment, composure, and calmness. Because of its subdued nature, it is easy on the eyes, allowing the people inside to feel at ease. That’s why we see the colour grey as a colour of compromise. If you need a solid coloured room, perfect for co-writing and collabs, this one will hit the spot.


Silver Room


  • Sleek
  • High-tech
  • Modern
  • Graceful
  • Sophisticated
  • Elegant

Silver is a precious metal. It’s no wonder why it symbolizes wealth and richness. Whenever we see a silver ambient, we can’t help but embrace its gracefulness. It’s modern and chic, elegant and refined at the same time. 


If you prefer a modern design overbold and expressive colours, then our silver room will do the trick. The way we designed the silver room, we focused on creating a sophisticated lounge area. Here, you can embrace the feelings this colour evokes and use them in portraying the kind of music you want to create.


When you choose silver, you choose an image. The aesthetics here can interpret that image and influence you on how to find your path forward. If silver is your colour, then this room can become that inspirational space you’ve been looking for.


Final Thoughts


As you can see, colour can have a profound impact on your feelings and state of mind. Whether you need to create music to connect to a youthful or older audience, you can use the colour of our rooms to boost your motivation, positivity, and effectiveness. Colour psychology can come in handy when selecting a music studio to work in. 


That’s why we made sure our rooms have a unique feel to them. Now that you know exactly what it is that the colour of the room can offer, you can make the most of it.

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